Upgrade Bounty for loafwallet-core , Bech32 (Litewallet-Android)

Hey Litecoin Developer Community,

We have a few projects in the Litewallet Team and we have a serious issue that hoped you C-devs can help with.

We have upgraded Litewallet (iOS) so that it can send to bech32 addresses (1ltc). :partying_face::tada:

But, when we tried to do that same for the Android branch, there was an issue where the older Android devices (Samsung J2 & J7) tried the upgrade, the database could not map the records.

Before we upgrade the loafwallet-core for Android, we need to make sure those with these older phones databases are not corrupted.

If you are competent C dev and are somewhat familiar with the SPV wallet architecture, this should be easy money.

We have never offered to pay for development work on Litewallet but this is something the Litecoin community needs desperately. We have many projects and it has stumped us at this point.

Maybe someone can help?

We are offering $500 USD in Litecoin for a PR that proves the fix. We have devices to verify the fix is viable. This is approved by Charlie Lee and me, the Litewallet Team Lead

There are is an issue in the repo here: :mosquito: [Bugfix] Older 32 bit Android devices can’t handle the change to bech32