Unsettling LTC article 7.9.2020..pretty much sums up all my problems with LTC over the last few years. :(

The project needs to ramp up with something…just looking at Mimblewimble by Fall of 2020 just does not cut it.

I too sometimes wonder why I am in HODL mode with LTC. (sigh…) :slight_smile:

Anyway, the article above for your consideration…stuff needs to get ‘stepped up’ compared to other

projects…or merge with other coins or something…LTC is getting left in the dust. :frowning: IMHO.


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is that updating the litcoin network with the mimblewimble protocol is a risk or problem for people who hodl litecoin in wallet core

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Nope. The MimbleWimble update will not affect any of your coins. If you don’t update your wallet, all that will happen is that you won’t be able to make use of MimbleWimble for increased privacy/fungibility.


Yeah I’m hoping this feature will add some value to my litecoin hoard…would be nice if litecoin development was more than just 1) `bitcoin core updates and 2) ONLY one project at a time…right now that is mimblewimble

oh well, it is what it is


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That being said, it’s not like there’s nothing going on. Me and a bunch of others are working on lightning projects, except these things are hard and take some time. It’s also a good thing that we aren’t adding/removing/changing too much of our reference client like say ETH2 - that would be a hassle.

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The CTV implementation should be interesting as well if Rubin deploys on LTC first, which appears to be the case, as well as interoperability with Cardano, Charles said the Litecoin folks are definitely looking into this. In my eyes Litecoin is a solid project, it’s not all about price and it may not develop as quick as most would like, but this is a true decentralized crypto and funding for development isn’t an easy task. Maybe increasing transaction fees a bit for treasury fund for development might work, not a long term increase but to get the ball rolling I figure.