Unemployed - Want to earn Litecoin

Hi Guys, …

If any of you know how I can earn some Litecoin working from home,
please do share the information with me. I am a senior and on disability income.
It’s hard to keep ahead of the bills on a limited income.

Would love to experience my golden years with lots of this new currency I have heard
so much about on YouTube.


all the best.! :sunglasses:


Only angle I have would be to go to estate sales or rumage sales and buy stuff to re-sell on ebay…then
use that to buy crypto LTC/BTC and HODL for long term.

Might be odd use of you extra funds…and leverage it with proper buys from such sales to re-sell on ebay…but pretty much all I have for a long term plan…take what you can get …put it into ltc / btc and hope it goes back to the all time high on whatever you manage to put away

this also works for empting stuff out of the attic you don’t need

of course, if you do this and use the money for day to day stuff…no chance of a long term goal/crypto payday…all this could come to naught and go ‘tulips’ ie nothing…this is speculation

but if you like this kinda thing and have the time what the heck…worse hobbies to have to get crypto

myself i’m selling crap in attic i will have otherwise died with as too lazy to sell on ebay and putting it into a long term HODL address as a way to clean out attic and turn into rec room…if it all comes to naught…hey i have a rec room!

anyway, my take on this with your income etc limitations


I so agree with the rumage sales and reselling, computers are easy, most people don’t know they can get 2015 macbook pros like new for a steal if you really put some work into finding it online. Start a business selling something and put all your earnings into crypto and hodl for the ride (maybe a 2-5 year ride though).

Mining crypto is an option but for it to be economical you need 1) power at less than $0.07 USD/KWh, 2) a lot of money to purchase equipment, 3) space to run computers that eat up over 10 KWh all day and make 75 Dba of noise (like a car reving it’s engine) and finally 4) cash to pay the electric company and fix what breaks.

I highly recommend considering using cryptocurrency as way to get compounding interest payments. You will know of these types of payments from traditional savings accounts, like a bank may be paying you 1.05% interest per year for your deposit. Well that is great but 1.05% compounded year over year for 5 years is nothing burgers. So you might put savings into a certificate of deposit and lock it up for 12 to 36 months and then the bank will give you an interest rate of 2-3% if you’re lucky. Then the fed will loan at 2.5% so that’s them being them.

With cryptocurrencies, in this can only Bitcoin can be used (hopefully Litecoin will be supported soon) to earn 5.1% annually. So if you have 1 Bitcoin right now and put it into a savings account with a company like Ledn, then you will get 0.004 BTC per month and you will get 0.025 BTC after 6 months.

Ledn Inc Save Deposit Calculator - Shows interest paid to out after leaving 1 BTC in a savings account for 6 months (This is only available after you make an account, and you can make and account with just an email)

Year over year this will compound AND if bitcoin goes up, you will get what I call compounding exponential growth which is the case where your principle grows exponentially and your principle collects compounding interest. There will soon be a transfer of wealth into crypto and this type of savings account is perfect to put you in a safe place to profit while not risking the house.

So, if you’re new to bitcoin and are living in a low-resource situation, consider exploring just using cryptocurrency to replace the savings account you have because it’s just supporting the banks and they’re just scheming up the next financial crisis while we get paid peanuts.

Ledn is a Canadian company that I have had a great experience. Just be mindful of how you turn crypto to cash as someone on disability income, not tax/legal advice, message me if you want to learn more. Here are some resources about the savings account that I highly recommend you consider.

Ledn Website - https://ledn.io
Ledn Savings Account (5.1% annual interest) - https://ledn.io/savings-product/
And this is a PDF the the co-founders shared with me: LednSave.pdf (2.6 MB)

Important to note… this is not an ICO… This is a savings bank in Canada. Their big thing is crypto backed loans and this savings account is brand new.

Likely the best thing in crypto right now… likely unknown to most people. And to be fair there are other companies that have these accounts (some with higher rates) but like exchanges, it’s a spectrum of sketchy so I selected Ledn after lots of research.

Thanks for the suggestion Searing (Moderator)

Why exactly litecoins?

Halving of the block size in August. Also the addition of ‘mimblewimble’ to make private transactions outside the blockchain info in play. (or at least on how I think it works for untraceable transactons)

also the fact that if bitcoin cash and bitcoin sv are worth 4x to 2x the value of LTC…the world is warped and good odds LTC will catch up.

my bet. bought a mess at 88 bucks and 95 bucks of thereabout…so this is why they call this 'speculation"


Why Litecoin ? It is the one crypto currency that seems (to me)
to be the unexpected winner among the alt coins. I have been watching
and listening to many YouTube videos on various “coins” and have also
been following the twitter space on Litecoin.

My “gut feeling” is saying “Litecoin”

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Could you share some of the videos, please? I’d like to watch it too

Thank you for sharing. Very informative.

I see, yeah, in crypto that gut feeling is quite important anyway


I’ll watch it tonight
Thank you very much!

I think you can host your own Lightning Node on the Litecoin network. That would allow you to make a small number of litecoin through fees. The Lightning network for Litecoin is still early but people are starting to use it. I recently create my own node and will post some statistics about fees once I have them

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I have no idea how to do that. If you could provide step by step instructions on how to do this
it would be very appreciated. :slight_smile:

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may be easier with an old unupgradeable beyond windows xp computer that folk give away…

someone my have a ‘build’ already you could simply copy (maybe?)



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Thanks for the charity, however I already tried that website last year.
It never paid me. I actually did as you suggested and used the free version.
Waited until the first time I could request a payout. It said I had to wait
30 days. i waited 30 days (that was 6 months ago) and still never paid me.

So, i suspect this website is a scam.


Thanks for sharing

Is this for real?

litecoin faucets are kinda a joke…you’d be better off selling crap from your attic you otherwise would die with on eBay and convert it to Litecoin. Probably the same amount of time wasted on a legit litecoin faucet but that would be my advice for better use of your time.

Again, that is assuming the Litecoin faucet actually pays you. Odds of that IMHO, are 50/50. :slight_smile: