Unconfirmed transactions on QT wallet

Hi, I have an old QT wallet. Earlier this year I sent 4 LTC to the now defunct BTCe. However, the transaction never got verified and my wallet currently has a balance of zero.
The Transaction ID is: 8180f26bd8d42bb8c0a78756fab5e9c5a450ac2b46af18e9bfca4817224c91d7 and my wallet address is: LY1TQFBf2ntuwVKwB4jTBVobZUpruaJapP.

I have tried to rescan to no avail. I am now installing the QT wallet on a different machine and going to try and use the command sendrawtransaction with the hex code. I have got to wait for 5 years of blockchain to download so it may be sometime.

Is there not a way I can reverse this transaction? Or is there another way I can sort this problem out?

I have the.dat file for the wallet but not sure how to use it.

I look forward to your responses. Thank you.

If the transaction was never confirm in the blockchain,

you need to install the latest version of the wallet and abandom the transaction.