Unconfirmed Transactions in 2015 Build LTC wallet


I am struggling with unconfirmed transactions in my litecoin core wallet (an older wallet, 2015 build). Most of these are small transactions but i did see some those get through.

e.g. on 2nd June, 2018, i had 2 send transactions for same amount at 04:57 GMT and another and 04:58 GMT,

DEBIT: .0021257 LTC
Fee: .005
Net amount: .0071257

First one went through but second is still unconfirmed even after one and half month! I had few more get through around 14th June, of even smaller amount with same fee. But nothing after that!

I do have alert key compromised error on my wallet, not sure that is related.

I am still able to receive LTCs in this wallet, and have around 19 connections. Its only the outgoing transactions which are stuck.

Any help in resolving this will be great.

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I upgraded to latest litecoin core wallet, 0.16. Replaced wallet.dat from old server. I see all addresses and transactions but wallet balance shows zero on new wallet! Tried rescan, still no luck!