Unconfirmed transactions Help Needed v0.8.7.5-beta Wallet

Hello all.

Hope this message finds you well.

  1. I have an old Litecoin wallet:

Litecoin-Qt version v0.8.7.5-beta
2011-2014 The Litecoin Developers

  1. I had sent 5 different transactions of a small amount of Litecoin to my new Exodus wallet back in February and April 2018. Both wallets were synced to the network accordingly.

  2. I had put the minimal transaction fee on some of the transactions, and I had put a higher transaction fee amount on the subsequent transactions after I noticed that the initial transactions were not being confirmed quickly.

  3. The result is that all the transactions show:

“Unconfirmed (0 of 6 confirmations)”

My question is:

Can you please advise what I might need to do in order to be able to transact Litecoin again?

If you require any further information, please let me know.

I appreciate your time and guidance.