Unconfirmed transaction - how to upgrade safely core wallet on macOS?

Hi, I’m sorry for asking noob questions.

  • I’ve got an old version of litecoin-qt ( beta)
  • I try to send LTC to another wallet
  • I did not know anything about the fees, so i put zero fees at the transaction (yes, i know, stupid…)
  • so now it’s unconfirmed for several hours
  • I now want to abandon the transaction, make a new order with sufficient fees
  • but i can’t abandon the transaction because it’s such an old wallet version
  • I downloaded the new 0.14.2, but I don’t know if i can overwrite the old version of the wallet
  1. How can I safely upgrade from to 0.14.2 on maxOS?
  2. After the upgrade: Are all my transaction still in my new wallet?
  3. Can I abandon the unconfirmed transaction in my new wallet? if yes: how?
  4. If not: what should i do? Wait for weeks until the transaction will be confirmed?

Sorry for that, but I did not find any tutorial for my problem.
Many thanks for help!

I did exactly the same thing. I am still trying to figure out if I can get my transaction to cancel. Have you had any luck?

@ToDo @mgslitecoin disnyou solve your situation?