Unconfirmed litecoin core wallet transfer to my jaxx litecoin wallet

I transferred 2 litecoin that has been in my litecoin core wallet for about 2 years now into my jaxx wallet. It has been over 3 hours since I made the transaction and I am yet to receive the credit into my jaxx wallet litecoin address.

It shows transaction unconfirmed. Is this something to be worried about? How long does it take it litecoin transaction between wallet address?

is it confirmed already?

please share transaction id

Transaction ID: 14d670c1f2d2baf955d92104fda59f3ca3fef319be015bfb4c7ee63297eda77f

No, it has not confirmed yet.

your transaction is not on the mempool, so it will never get confirmed unless you broadcast it.


you can either “abandon this transaction” and make a new one, or broadcast it to the network.
which option do you prefer?

If it is not confirmed, will the transaction be reversed back to my litecoin core wallet account?

By abandoning the transaction, does it mean i will forfeit think litecoin?

Please kindly explain the concept of broadcast and how it can be of help to me.

Thank you for your response.

Yes, eventually.

When you instruct your litecoin-core to abandon an unconfirmed transaction, your litecoins “get back” to your balance, so you can spend them.

For your transaction to be confirmed, it has to reach all the nodes on the network and then, it needs to be included in a new block by a minner. Broadcasting the transaction is the process your node uses to let all the nodes it knows about your new transaction, this way it will eventually get to a miner who will include it on a new block.

However, by some reason, the network seems to not know about your transaction, and thus it is unlikely to ever get confirmed.

For your safety, you should either:

  • Re-broadcast the transaction to get it confirmed by a miner,
  • Or abandon it and make a new transaction

So it’s up to you, if you prefer your current tx to get confirmed, or if you prefer those litecoins to “get back” to your balance and spend them in a different way.


From your explanation I believe broadcasting the transaction is the best option for me. I will be very happy for the transaction to be confirmed and for me to receive it in my jaxx wallet, because this will enable me do a shapeshift transaction to any other coin of my choice from jaxx.

How do I broadcast this transaction so that it can be confirmed?


  1. Right click on your stuck transaction
  2. Click Copy raw transaction


  1. Open this address in your Web browser: https://blockchair.com/broadcast
  2. Paste your raw transaction there
  3. Select Litecoin from the networks list
  4. Broadcast Transaction


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Thank you mautematico for your precise replies it has been helpful.

I have broadcasted the transaction and I was assigned a hash ID:
I hope this will accelerate the confirmation time?
Thanks once again.

I want to use this feedback to show immense appreciation to Mautematico.

I just received the 2 litecoin in my jaxx wallet now even though my my litecoin core wallet is still showing unconfirmed transaction. I hope with this, the issue is resolved.

Thank you Mautematico for your help.

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I see your transaction is now confirmed, and you’re now able to enjoy your coins directly on your jaxx wallet :slight_smile:

Feel free to say thank you with a beer, if you wish. This is my Litecoin address:

Also; I can see your Litecoins are from 2017. That means you own 20+ Lcash.
Lcash is a --now worthless- fork of Litecoin that happened on 2018/Feb.


If you wish, I can show you how to redeem them. Keep in mind that they are not as valuable as Litecoin, but they are yours anyway.

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I sent you 20usd via litecoin as a token of my appreciation.

Kindly show me how to redeem my Lcash.


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Easiest way I know to claim Lcash is to export your private key and sweep it into Coinomi, the mobile wallet.

To export your private key:

  1. Launch your Litecoin-qt client (the one that is now empty)
  2. Click on ’ help ’ in the menu bar (top right)
  3. Click on ’ debug window’
  4. Select the ’ console ’ tab
  5. If your wallet is protected by a passphrase (i.e. you have to enter a passphrase before you can send) unlock it by typing
  • walletpassphrase "your walletpassphrase here" 600
  1. dumpprivkey LYRjuq895GC4ARPqsYuaYnyXpHAVRJbpFP
  • This will return the private key you will now sweep into coinomi

To sweep a private key into coinomi:

  1. Install it on your mobile phone, either Android or iOS will work. It is even available for desktop.
  2. Setup a new wallet and safely store the seed words it will give you.
  3. On the coins and tokens section, add “Litecoin Cash” coin.
  4. Go to Menu > Sweep Private Key
  5. Either scan, type or copy and paste your old (now empty) Litecoin private key

After this steeps are completed, you should have ~21 lcash in your coinomi wallet

I have done as instructed and my LCC is now in my coinomi wallet.



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Please kindly explain the concept of broadcast and how it can be of help to me.

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@Fanny745, kindly describe the issue you’re facing.
Also, I would suggest you to open an independent thread.