Unbelievers of Technology

If you don’t see Litecoin as a global solution to a centralized banking scheme forced unto the public, then why are you here?

This is an honest question i think everyone should ask themselves. Are you here just to make money? And how do you make money with LTC or expect to? The price?? And what will constitute the price of LTC reaching new ATHs? Will it ever again? (yes)…

What makes people want to buy a crypto other than hype? USE CASE and ADOPTION!

Do you believe Litecoin has a use case and chance for adoption?? If your answer is no… i kindly ask you leave and make room for the believers of this revolution we call Litecoin!

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Agree with you. Litecoin is a payment tool, and we should look at it, this way. I’m into crypto, since 2011. To be honest, I don’t think that we should try to make it, for all the people, because all the people, are not in this mindset. Most people see it, as a get rich quick scheme, that I totally, disagree with,