Unable to send coins from Litecoin Core Wallet to Coinbase

I am continually getting the 0/unconfirmed, not successfully broadcast yet message for my transaction and it stays like that for days. When I try to restart the client, the message becomes that it is unable to find the transaction in the mempool and I have to abandon my transaction. My coins are in my wallet and are safe but I am unable to send them out to anywhere. I am on a Windows 10 system and am using the wallets recommended LTC fee and other recommended transaction settings. What do I do? If more information is needed please post below. Thank you.

is your wallet fully synced and connected to peers?

My wallet is definitely fully synced, how do i ensure that it is connected to peers?

My litecoin core wallet shows an available balance of the amount of coins that I have but the block explorer says its balance is 0 and then in my other local wallet I have it says its available balance is 0 but its public address on the block explorer shows that there is the balance I am expecting. What is happening with this and how do I fix this because it is unbelievably frustrating.

Figured it out incase anybody else has this problem:

  1. Run litecoin core with -rescan
  2. Don’t believe the balance it shows you
  3. Never use litecoin core wallet because it blows.

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If you’re unhappy with litecoin-qt wallet, you should give Electrum-ltc a try. It is a lightweight SPV wallet. It has the same level of security than litecoin-qt, but without much of the hassle.

While using Coinbase, remember that their own the private keys, not you.