Unable to Generate Block

Dear Communities,

My apologies as this is my first time posting this. I’m able to get my Litecoin Core V0.18.1 network synced but then unable to generate blocks and below are the code results:

generatetoaddress 11 LRyDW1hhoW3g3mTa4ZjUzprAiVBucuVvxJ



Is it possible that I need to “add peers”? If yes, can you guide me accordingly, like a command code example? Sorry as I’m a non-developer.

Appreciate your response and guidance, thanks

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Answered on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/litecoin/comments/iybhlg/unable_to_generate_block/g6c9fuj/

you can type that in and wait maybe a year or two and you might get a block - the difficulty is very high to think you might get a block with cpu mining. you also might want to open the ports needed as well so your node can have both incoming and outgoing connections.