Tx couldn't be committed: No witness yet

Hey guys,
It’s my first time posting here i dont know where i should post this question at this category or on development, well i’ll explain my problem.

Im actually forking litecoin and my coin it’s ready the only problem i have it’s that i want only one node active in my net, the thing it’s that i made a system bassed on create accounts associated to an address, the thing it’s that sometime when i use the call sendfrom the transaction appears on gray and after i mine a block the tx become offline, the thing it’s that if i repeat the same tx x times It become a good tx and it’s comitted.
The msg that trigger when the error happens it’s something similar to “The transaction couldn’t be committed no witness yet” after a research i end Up seeing this is associated with the segwig protocol. Someone knows how to evade this problem? the only thing that i thought It could resolve it’s backing to an old version of litecoin where segwix wasn’t implemented.
If anyone knows anything any help it’s greeted

you will need to add the witness to your wallet…open you wallet…then open the console under debug window…
Now you need to make sure that the address the coins are suppose to be sent to copied to your clipboard…
now in the console type this:
-addwitnessaddress (address)

should do the trick…
the segwit address is proving to the network that your wallet contains the private key by adding a witness instead of disclosing the public key…I am pretty sure but not exact on how that works just yet…however if this does not help there are other options that can redeem the transaction through segwit as well

Hey mate thanks for the reply i’ll try this the Next monday at work :smile: and i’ll reply back with the result.
love from Spain :slight_smile:

@megadoggo,me parece que eso no va a funcionar.
Pienso que debes adelantar el punto de activación de SegWit en tu fork, o tal vez minar unas cuantas transacciones sin witness

No puede “apuntar a un tenedor” simplemente descargue la versión más nueva y su billetera funcionará bien