TTBIT Scrypt ASIC Miner Setup Instructions


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BFGMINER 5.4.2 Instructions

I have built a native bfgminer driver binaries with support for Linux and Windows x64. More systems and architectures coming soon. Please follow the GitHub release link below, which has binaries for each system attached.

bfgminer download: Releases · ttbit-software/bfgminer · GitHub

You will also need to install the latest version of Silicon Labs VPC drivers for Win OS link below. If you downloaded this driver below, make sure you update to the latest version, as the TTBIT USB Scrypt Miner uses a new UART chip and the old driver will not work will with it.

UART VPC Driver: CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers - Silicon Labs

For linux you need to execute the .sh file in terminal with sudo command i.e. sudo

Just edit that same file with a text editor to change pools, add bfgminer options, and change frequency. You can also use the -c flag and load it with your own config file.


The TTBIT Scrypt miner can run on a very wide range of speed and efficiency, and leaves a lot of tuning up to you guys. Make sure you read up on the Support section below where I go more in-depth on frequency and voltage tuning. The TTBIT Scrypt Miner has a default frequency setting of 600mhz, and can range from 384mhz to up to a cap of 954mhz.

To change the frequency edit the file in your driver folder and change the number in “–set MLD:clock=600” to the desired frequency.

Please note that this version of the miner has a fixed list of frequencies available to use below.
List of available frequencies: 384, 450, 480, 540, 576, 600, 612, 625, 636, 648, 660, 672, 684, 700, 720, 744, 756, 768, 796, 832, 852, 876, 900, 924, 954

To run the miner at higher frequencies then you must adjust the voltage. If you run the miner using --set MLD:clock=900 at the stock core voltage (0.75) then it will simply stall. Follow the steps below to adjust core voltage (EXPERTS ONLY!!!):



You adjust the voltage by turning the Pot clockwise or counterclockwise with a fine flat head or philips screwdriver. The pots are VERY sensitive, the whole voltage range is within HALF a turn in either direction from the stock position. You must do micro adjustments if you want to do very fine tuning. For example going from .75 - .8 v might take as little as a little torque pressure on the screwdriver even if you don’t feel it actually twist.

Make sure you have place the stick horizontal and the USB end is facing LEFT.

To turn the voltage UP turn the pot CLOCKWISE, to turn it DOWN, COUNTERCLOCKWISE.

DO NOT turn the pots more than 180 degrees in either direction, they have no stops and if you go past their lowest or highest setting you could damage them.

To check the voltage use a multimeter and contact the ground wire to the ground terminal (circled and labeled ground in the picture), and the positive wire to the outputs of the two inductors (circled and labeled VCORE, and VMEMORY). Be extra careful not to short anything as a single short anywhere on the board while its powered will most likely fry it. I recommend doing this with a voltmeter. But if you do not have voltmeter then please know that a quarter turn clockwise on the VCORE changes the value from 0.75 to 1.0v

How do I go about installing the driver on linux mint