Trying to recover LTC, 1LTC reward

Hi guys,

I recently found my old wallet.dat file and replaced a new install of Litecoin-qt’s wallet.dat with my old file. After syncing for hours it now tells me the wallet is empty. No coins, no transactions.

That’s suspicious as I know I at least transferred IN to the wallet once.

Any thoughts? Is there a way of scanning a .dat file to check without using the Core Wallet?

1LTC if you’re the one to help me crack this!!


you can try to export your private keys of the address and import them in a wallet like coinomi. If there are some coins stored at the address they will appear in you coinomi wallet.

Cheers, XuS

thanks Xus, but where do i find said addresses?

They are stored in your wallet. In your litecoin-qt client just click on file -> receive addresses, and you should see a list of addresses.

If you replace the wallet.dat file. I think you need to do a rescan.

Create a shortcut of the wallet and open the properties… in the target at the end add the flag -rescan.