Trying to change forum account email - never get confirmation email

I’m trying to change the email address for my forum account. When I add the new email address it says a confirmation email was sent, but I don’t get any. I even hit “resend confirmation email” several times, but still no confirmation email is received.

Maybe the forum admins can check if some forum settings might be interfering with that process. Are there maybe any email providers (domains) that are blocked?

Thank you in advance!


looking into it

Thank you!

I found a similar post on a different forum that also uses the discourse platform, maybe there’s something in there that helps.

It’s most likely a configuration issue with our mail api. We’re still looking into it.


Working now, thank you!

Got a whole bunch of emails, for each of my past unsuccessful tries. Their links were outdated because I fetched them ~2h affter they were sent, but sending a new request worked as expected and the email was added - and is now changed.

Thanks again!