True Litecoin Forked Coins? How many LTC per forked coin? Dubious or not?

I’m trying to figure out a list here of how many Litecoin Forks that on the day they ‘split’ from the fork, do

any of them actually pay so many ‘dubious’ Litecoin Forked coins to each Litecoin?

I think Litecoin Class Classic or LCC offers forked coins per Litecoin. It is something puny like about

$0.00227 USD per LCC per Litecoin on the day of the fork. Anyway…more from boredom with the

pandemic…I started this thread here…so are there other Litecoin Forked Coins that actually match the

original Litecoin blockchain…no matter what the dubious value?

We can compile a list of them on this thread…just for the heck of it. :slight_smile:


At the what…ratio of like 15 cents per $100 worth of Litecoin…I don’t think this is any threat to Litecoin.

Indeed, it has been about 2 years or more, since any fork off of LTC or BTC has amounted to anything

but a giggle. I was just curious, likely there are no more than 6 Litecoin forks anyway. :slight_smile:


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