Trouble Shutting down litecoin core 14.2 while upgrading


I downloaded the updated ltc wallet from (litecoin-0.14.2-win64-setup.exe) after syncing my wallet and backing up my wallet.dat file. Note that my computer is 64 bit, yet I believe that the original wallet I am updating is a 32 bit version litecoin- Upon going through the setup process, I see the Litecoin Core logo screen and it said ‘updating blocks…’, then it says ‘rewinding blocks…’. It hasn’t moved from this screen for the past 2 hour.

I then X’d out of the wallet and I received a message “Litecoin core is shutting down…Do not shut down the computer until this screen disappears”. It has been 1 additional hour since and the screen doesn’t shut down. I tried to shut it down but the screens stay on.

I then tried to shut down the computer but Windows suggested LTC wallet was doing an important task so I never actually shut down the computer. The 2 Litecoin Core screens (dewinding + do not shut down until screen dissapears) are still there.

What should I do? I am trying to update my wallet.

Thanks so much!