Trezor Wallet x Electrum LTC

I tried to send LTC from Electrum LTC to my Trezor wallet, but I am receiving an error saying:
b’\xf4\xfdbi… and signing transaction got stuck on my trezor wallet. Probably something with firmare? I am using the latest one (Trezor updated few days ago). Do you have any idea how to fix this?
Many thanks!
btw - I am trying to do this, because I accidentaly sent LTC from Coinmate to my Trezor wallet using my BTC address… (Yes. I am beginner…And I cannot believe that Coinmate let me used 3- address instead of new M- one). I am able to see my LTC and the transaction on Electrum LTC, but I am not able to send it anywhere due to the error described above.

I use trezor one ,togather with exodus wallet, they work togather good , send to exodus then its free to send to trezor

If I understand correctly, you sent the LTC to the wrong address (BTC starting with 3) and the transaction has been sent to the network already through coinmate wallet.

Is that correct? Got a tx number? Link to a blockchain explorer?

If so the tx needs to fail or be canceled (unsure if possible or how) before you can send those LTC anywhere else (what you are trying to do with electrum now)

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