Trezor Wallet x Electrum LTC

I tried to send LTC from Electrum LTC to my Trezor wallet, but I am receiving an error saying:
b’\xf4\xfdbi… and signing transaction got stuck on my trezor wallet. Probably something with firmare? I am using the latest one (Trezor updated few days ago). Do you have any idea how to fix this?
Many thanks!
btw - I am trying to do this, because I accidentaly sent LTC from Coinmate to my Trezor wallet using my BTC address… (Yes. I am beginner…And I cannot believe that Coinmate let me used 3- address instead of new M- one). I am able to see my LTC and the transaction on Electrum LTC, but I am not able to send it anywhere due to the error described above.