Trezor safe 3 with electrum-ltc

Electrum-ltc is not recognising trezor safe 3.

Is there a way to fix this or is this device not compatible with it?

Same here (OS: Ubuntu 22.04)

trezor: (error getting device infos)
unsupported trezor model

I guess the Trezor Safe 3 came out christmas 2023 and the latest Electrum-LTC is from 2022. So naturally there might be a problem here.
Electrum-4.5.4 (Bitcoin) (March 14, 2024) can cope with the new Trezor 3

Solution is likely to wait…or getting started with coding GitHub - pooler/electrum-ltc: Electrum-LTC Litecoin wallet
Litecoin devs are likely focussing on mobile now, what is common sense for a payments-focussed altcoin

@rs-485 is correct. Electrum-LTC needs to be updated for the new Trezor Safe 3. Working on it when I have time. And yeah I’m mostly spending my time on the mobile stuff atm.