Transfer LTC from Quadrigacx to Litecoin Core

I"m new to digital coins and I recently purchased some LTC from Quadrigacx.
I installed Litecoin Core wallet, the blockchain is up to date, but I don’t know what else to do at this point.

Can someone provide me with a tutorial (or a link) on how to get my LTCs from Quad into the Litecoin Core wallet please.

I’d also like to know all the files I need to backup onto a separate flash drive for safekeeping.

Thank you.

it works like e-mail…click receive and copy and paste the address into the send to part of the wallet you are sendinmg form and wait for 6 confirmations

you mean my address with quadriga ?

and what files on my pc do i need ot back up ?


I guess so…yeah…since that is where the coins are now…you want to send them to your wallet on your pc place the address generated on your pc into the web wallet and send it to your pc…

using core wallet click file backup wallet

please read this:
4 Ways to Use Bitcoin - wikiHow

I’ll read through your link. Thank you for your help.