Transfer LTC from QT-2 to Litecoin core?

Ok…I bought LTC some 4 yrs ago and downloaded it on my wallet QT-2

I haven’t touched it since and wen to access it on my old computer of which needs updated OSX to upgrade the wallet BUT I didnt want to do that for reasons I wont bore you with.

I downloaded the new Core wallet on my new computer and have tried transferring my coins to it…I tried with a just a small amount and sure enough they never transferred :frowning:

Both wallets are transaction updated ‘synced’

So…My question is…what’s the best way to get my coins intot he new wallet…I do have a backup I created 4 yrs ago as well…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


why you dont just send them using a normal transaction?

Cheers, XuS

I have…twice, and they don’t land in the new wallet…NOT cool!

As I remember you just create a ‘receive’ adress in the new wallet and put it into the send window of the old…but there must be something wrong due to it being an old wallet or something…no idea…thanks for the reply though

Did you add some transactions fees to your transaction? Fees ensure that you payment gets processed fast.

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thanks…I did change the settings in the wallet and then made 2 very small transactions which worked straight away.

So…I then did a larger transaction with same adreses and not surprising they didn’t work…People must be losing some serious money with these cryptos…not fool proof by a long shot

What happens top the transactions I did with no fee…they just vanish???

Appreciate the replies too :slight_smile:

and low and behold…I just tried another very small transaction and it worked but the larger one before it still nothing…Is it a larger fee for larger transactions??

So I have tried with 1ltc to my new wallet with transaction fee…it worked and the next did not with same fees…I also can’t work out how to Abort transaction in the old QT-2…So much info online but not gettinbg answers…coins now unconfirmed over a week…ANY IDEAS??? PLEASE??

Double spend the coins back to yourself with a higher fee

just googled it but not much info HOW to double spend…it’s an old wallet QT-2 thanks :slight_smile:

So i’m looking like that little gif of the guy bashing his head on the computer till his head explodes…willing to pay for some real help here

Have QT-2 on old computer which cannot have OSX upgrade due to old computer…

have new computer with litecoin core on it and want my coins put into it…without online transactions as theyre going missing

Thanks in advance