Transfer ltc from litecoin core

If I download the blockchain node in the prune mode 2gib version but not the full version of Litecoin core(my detail setting shown in the attachment picture), in this situation, will be done correctly to transfer money to a specific wallet?


ps1. Settings path: Settings> Options > Main tab > Prune block storage(check box).
ps2. Litecoin core I used it : litecoin-0.18.1-win64-setup.exe

Can’t help you with that, unfortunately. Sorry…

In my personal opinion, plz don’t feel attacked. U made the first fault by installing the core on windows. Another thing that I don’t understand why u try to reduce disk usage of the node. The chain is so cute and small compared to etherium or bitcoin.

So I also really can help u out in this way.
My tip get a Linux full node 120gb hdd works great and u get it thrown after.