Transfer coin from wallet to wallet

I would like to transfer from a paper wallet to a different wallet. there getting stolen.
I have only bought from Coinbase then transfer to a off line wallet. that’s it.

What exactly is your question?

I read you want to transfer coins from a paper wallet to a different wallet. But you also mention “getting stolen” and that would be impossible unless anyone else had access to your paper wallet.

Can you share the public address (not any key, just the public address) of the paper wallet so we can check the blockchain for you and tell you when coins moved?

Sorry I must have replied to myself.
My wife & I sold most all our silver to be in Bit/Altcoin. all our ether has been stolen (just info for u).
For this situation we bought 11 cards off eBay had to starch off for the privet key. We felt good about it. We only bought from Coinbase to the card. nothing else. There was 5.5 lite on it.
We are 60 years old I thought I did my best, but not so. I wanted to keep off line to be safe. not so. Today I ordered a Ledger Nano S. so when it gets here hopefully in can put a stop from the thefts. But now if I could just move to a different paper wallet or back to Coinbase. I would feel better. Right now Coinbase is safer then off line. Thanks Jeff

I was setting it aside for my son for his Birthday. We don’t believe in leaving to our kids when were gone. we want to give to them now. Jeff

Hola Jeff,
First of all, I am sorry for your ethereum loss. Second, I kindly advise you to not put private contact information on a public forum like this. By doing so, you’re exposing yourself not only to friendly members but also to cheaters.

Now, if I understand correctly, you’ve bought a ledger nano S. That’s a good decision! You’ll need to be careful with it, specially at the moment you set it up for the first time. When it arrives, feel free to ask me publicly (or privately if you prefer) for help. There are official tutorials you can follow to set it up and prevent any loss.

Now, about your litecoins. Please help me understand if your coins are still safe, of if they have been stolen like ethereum were.
Also please let me know how/where did you get your paper wallets.

Thank You,
I should receive the Ledger in about 2 days.
I did remove my phone number.

I’ve seen the litecoin address you shared. Unfortunately this is empty.
I see three incoming transactions and three outgoing.

Is that your “paper” wallet address? If it is, and you didn’t spend those coins, I advise you to stop sending coins there until you have understood better the way bit/altcoin works.

I know out of out of 5 wallets 1 still has coins on it. 1 has had them taken off. I never removed anything.
The others I have not checked.
I will do that now.
I bought the cards that look like credit cards through eBay, had to remove the film to see privet key… it was easer for my wife and I to use and not get destroyed by while ever happens in life.
So buying on Coinbase move to off line to card. not enough movements to think it was not safe.
Yes that was my address.
So just a question. anybody new in this will be stolen from unless u use a ledger or so.?

Checking others, they are stolen

The mistake you made was not understanding the nature of private keys.
If I understand correctly, you bought something from eBay that had private keys printed on it. Think about it. How did that private info get printed there, without no one ever knowing it was to be printed there?
The person that sold you those cards is for sure the thief that stolen your coins. You should report it both to eBay and to the police. They might (although improbable) help you.

There are ways to generate the private keys right in your computer. You can even roll a dice one hundred times to generate truly private keys. The nature of keys being private means that only you have them. Once securely generated, you will only need your public address to receive coins.
The ledger nano se itself is a device that securely generates a private key for you.

I under stand.
That’s why I am trying to move my litecoin from other wallets that there is still a little left to a new paper wallet that I generate.
But I can’t find how to move from like the address I sent you to a new paper wallet.
Thanks Jeff

Okay. Now, that’s something I can help you with :slight_smile:

For Litecoin, there are two secure ways I suggest to generate paper wallets. Security of both ways requires to have a secure computer. Here, secure means that it has no virus/trojans nor any other form of malware on it.

1st: loading your paper wallets into a secure software wallet. is my personal choice for it.

Option A) create a separate wallet in electrum, using a secure and offline computer. Transfer from 1st step to A.
Option B) download the source code of and transfer it using a USB to a secure offline computer. Open it and generate a paper wallet there and transfer from 1st to B.

If you feel like you need help with the steps I wrote, feel free to send me a private message or an answer to this post. I’ll be happy to help.

I tried, but tried electrum but don’t see the wallet set up.
Maybe I am too tired been at this all day.

I think I have to stop today. Thanks for all your help. Jeff

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Go take some rest. I’ll be happy to help you tomorrow :slight_smile:

Good Moring,
I have been working all morning on printing out and logging all litecoin paper & Ether wallets. but right now I need to move the Lite. At this moment I am ok to move my old card/paper wallet to the new printed off from .So what web sight is need to use to move one to the other?
Thanks Jeff