Transactions not getting confirmation


I’m using the latest QT version 5.6.1. I sent 2 transactions to my coinbase account but neither have gone through. The transaction details are as follows:

Transaction ID: ca0810139641342c1f0191bdb55e848770ae4941fc811b70e395eb15abc29ab5
Amount: 0.01 ltc
Fee: zero

Transaction ID: 0604b999aacdb7192da9d387cab09bd0d36ffc20348d7dded6bf65b2af5e620d
Amount 100 ltc
Fee: 0.1 ltc

The first transaction was sent 14 hours ago and I didn’t include any transaction fee, so I guess that’s why. But the second transaction was sent 9 hours ago and I included 0.1 transaction fee but it still hasn’t gone through.

So I used blockchain explorer to check both transactions and the first transaction details looked strange. Even thought I only sent 0.01 ltc, the blockchain shows transacted value of 2.86720496 LTC, with 2.85720496 LTC going to one address and 0.01 ltc going to my coinbase wallet. I tried to abandon the first transaction on QT but it didn’t seen to do anything.

Please help!

the latest version is 0.13.2 available at not 5.6.1…
is your wallet finished syncing the blockchain yet? let the wallet sync first before you freak out man…