Transaction stuck 4 hours with 0 conf & recommended fee | Please, help track

Hello, guys!

Made a transaction of 5 LTC to YoBit Exchange. I use Litecoin Core. With recommended fee at the moment of 0.00125699.

It is stuck for 4-5 hours already with 0 confirmations, in memory pool. Abandon button is unactive.

Please, help me to track the problem. :frowning:

Sent to address: LTD3fvmmfy4RrmdYTzwjmz14KEGGj7pnRC
ID: de16d40634facf8921c5973be83de1bce426fc4e59ccadd1803d7af8326d5ec7

Magic forum this is! 5 min after I posted I finally had 1st confirmation. Let’s see now…

lol, it have 6 confirmations now…

I say magic forum! Thanks)