Transaction Failed but my litecoins are gone!

On 11-12-2017 i tried to send my litecoins from my old laptop to my iphone wallet. I forget to add the fee because of the old wallet you have to do it manuely. A couple minutes later i saw the transaction on my iphone that is was Pending. This stayed like this for a couple of days. After that it tells me transaction failed on my iphone.

However my LTC coins are gone from my laptop. So what do i have to do now to get back my litecoins?

To anyone who can solve my problem and get my Litecoins back and on my iphone, i will be paying 0,25 LTC as a reward.

any transaction info?

address send to?

Yes afcourse, what kind of info do you need?

Here is the adress send to:


The adress send from:


Transaction ID:


Is there anyway to solve this? By for example cancel the transaction, but i don’t see any cancel option in my Litecoin QT wallet, also downloaded the Litecoin Core wallet, both without the cancel option.

thanks in advance

the transaction is not on the blockchain.

I will msg you.