transaction error

Greetings! Tell me, if I mistakenly sent litecoin from ltc to btc network, the funds cannot be returned?
The transaction was not supposed to go, but there was a period when the ltc (SegWit (P2SH)) address format started with 3. And the transaction went away

Over which wallet did you sent those LTC off`

I made an attempt to trade my LTC for BTC from the EDGE Platform to Coinbase. After realising my mistake of trading LTC for BTC, i notified EDGE platform who confirmed that the tx was successful LTC to LTC, but I do not have access to the recipient address and the trade did not go through to Coinbase.
I have the confirmation receipt and transaction hash information. Are you able to help me locate these funds, since Coinbase are not able to do so? can anyone please help me with this?

they require at least 6 confirmations before they show creidt