Trade Litecoin long or short with 100x leverage

Hi LTC crew,

Wondering if you’ve heard of Prime XBT yet? It’s a new trading platform that provides the option to trade Litecoin with up to 100x leverage ( on long and/or short positions).

This is significant and exciting IMO is because it makes it possible to trade Litecoin daily and profit in sideways trending and bear markets in addition to catching bull runs or simply ‘hodling’.

Up until the launch of Prime XBT it’s only been feasible to trade and short BTC with 100x on any kind of reputable platform.

Order types available on Prime XBT include: stop-loss, OCO, protection, market, and limit orders - which allows for more advanced trading strategies and more effective management of risk with the ability to plan clear entry and exit points.

There are no KYC verification checks also - just an email to sign up and start trading anonymously.

I’d love to hear your thoughts… would you trade Litecoin with such high leverage?


I would, I don’t think most of these sites support customers based in the United States, do you support that?

hmmmm yeah you’re right about that. I don’t think it does support US.

You could possibly get around it seeing as there’s no kyc. But it does of course warn against it.

(I’m not part of the company).

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