Trace LItecoin address


In November 2014 I bought 50 LItecoins on Anycoindirect website. I sent these coins with a Litecoinaddress (I still have in my posession) but the problem is I do not remember where I sent them to. Litecoinwallet was installed on my old computer but when it got finally syncronised, nothing appeared.

I have also 1 old dat file in which I found 17 litecoins. No other dat file on my back up. Maybe the 50 litecoins were saved on another dat. file ? I don’t know, that is why I want to see where these 50 Litecoins were sent to.

Please let me know.

post your address, maybe some1 will tell you where are your coins.


I have 2 addresses of LTC’s I bought in 2014. I hope you can trace them.

Order ID 304e8fe2-5d5b-450e-ade1-9f778531a3f4
Order date: 14-11-2014 20:47:32
Euro €164,87
Coin 50,00000000 LTC

|Litecoin address:|LhpP4WBwbG1QNrZoSCSvCWaPcvH2cLGjm3|

Order ID 897cd1ec-e500-4622-8597-3bd3bf903798
Order datum: 14-11-2014 19:38:37
Euro €105,38
Coin 32,00000000 LTC
Credits gebruikt €0,00
Betaalmethode Bancontact / Mistercash
Txld c9ce5dbfb0a79a109601bf040cf5150d5c3e7a503169bfa670e630c1e2a30adc
Litecoin address: LhpP4WBwbG1QNrZoSCSvCWaPcvH2cLGjm3

Best regards,

Randal Cottenje


You received 82 coins on this address LhpP4WBwbG1QNrZoSCSvCWaPcvH2cLGjm3,
but you later send them to some other address
-32 -------> LLGSBcSJ9bbiSwcqRDVFLMnvkhgNQtkqZR
-50 -------> Lbz3XAinWL8UZmd3BUcCYrY4mN8czLWxbx

From the movement on those addresses I think these are from an exchange.

Maybe you send them to some exchange to trade or something.