Total Noob, Potential Mess Up

Hello, I am totally new to Litecoin, and have recently purchased a few coins using Coinbase. I also just downloaded the Litecoin client. I decided to tinker around with it a bit, and went to transfer 1 of my coins to my wallet on the client. Lacking foresight, I just kind of winged it and I am now a bit worried that I may have messed up. I copied the recieving address/label from the client and pasted it into the Coinbase “Send LTC” page and filled it out and hit send. Now, i was expecting the one coin to arrive into the client. Did I mess up big time or what? I am a bit lost.

post the address so we can see the transaction.

also, enter your address here to see the status of your transaction (this is call an explorer, here you can see all litecoin transactions)


here you go

Also, I think it may just not be showing in the client since its still synchonizing lol. Is there any way to tell?

your wallet contains 1 LTC…you say you downloaded litecoin client?

what does that mean?

did you download litecoin core from if you did you will not see any coins until the wallet is completely synced with the rest of the network…notice the synchronizing bar at the bottom…

you wallet will be sync when you see something like this in the lower-right corner.