Не вернули деньги

Депнул в казино они отклонили платеж Не вернули деньги сказали что проблемы не их а системы оплаты не на их стороне
Транзакция [705b2c851c2f660417c30a797138fb1909b1a31d1f30a92bc51a9630dc87d577]

Google translate:
Deployed to the casino, they declined the payment They did not return the money, they said that the problems were not theirs and the payment systems were not on their side
Transaction [705b2c851c2f660417c30a797138fb1909b1a31d1f30a92bc51a9630dc87d577]

Sorry, but there is nothing anyone can do about this. Only the receiver address can send back the coins. If you have sent it to the wrong address, then the casino cannot do anything either.