Today i created new litecoin wallwt

Hi all,
Today i created new litecoin wallwt and some ltc withdraw from coinbase wallet to litecoin wallet.
I received a mail from coinbase they are send successfully, but 2 hour gone i can’t see in litecoin wallet. so what i am doing.


It may take a while if the network is busy.
Double check address is correct, double check you sent via the correct network, then wait patiently :slight_smile:

Thanks for info, but 2 days gone i did not get my ltc.

A friend of mine uses Coinbase, they have had issues recently. Think they have been having technical difficulties and struggled to withdraw funds. I would chase it up with them, don’t want it to get lost.

may be but i got mail from coinbase within 2 hours,

you have any idea how can i received my coin

What type of wallet you have created?
Is the transaction confirmed in block explorer?
Are you sure you gave the correct address? If Coinbase sent the LTC, then you must be able to seetheir transaction in a block explorer.