Today 12/4/16 LTC dump to 0.00446 ltc to btc from 0.00509? wtf

Anyone have any idea why LTC dumped from like 3.88 to like 3.47 straight down? The price is currently 3.52 usd now
and/or 0.00466 ltc from 0.00509 ltc to btc ratio.

I mean WTF it was straight down! I myself did what I did best and moved my 960 LTC to BTC (got bills) just in case.

But is it just the slow decline for no real news on LTC development or whatever or just a bolt out of the blue?

(coward I am …I moved LTC to BTC at 3.52 last month I can do it this month too) :frowning:

I think it was just a big whale checking out.

looks like you made the right move by going into btc, cause i reckon we’ll be seeing 2.5 usd soonish. ltc won’t really have any movements for a loooong time to come, its just no longer attractive to play money like it used to… at this moment being in alts is too risky.

Yeah just did a rant on this in the area of LTC difficulty going up…not the angle they wanted on my rant but what the heck.

So I presently am all out of LTC. I mine my LTC and move it via to BTC. Moved
the majority of stash at 0.00506 ltc to btc.

The present ratio is 0.00473 ltc to btc and price of $3.59 as I type this.

Also saw this about a new proprietary card/device (data hall purchase only in house) and giant LTC mainly
data hall going up in China.

(trying to find the link to this will edit if/when I find it or post in the thread if you saved this as well)

It could get even more interesting hash rate rise wise indeed. More and more miners. NO real price change or
worse a declining ratio of LTC to BTC as BTC rises…this all could dump to $2 imho with all the pressure
to mine and sell with no increase in adoption or talk about LTC.

We will see. That is my strategy so far. Had a buddy just yesterday dump out all his LTC at I think it was
$3.69 per LTC …he had like 8K of LTC …long term holder…he finally had enough of all eggs in the LTC
basket…all to BTC…

whatever what I’m telling folk now I’m doing in all honestness … a 300 mh Titan at 11c a kwh at 1200 watts
(using gen tarkin 3rd party firmware energy eff mods) This using the free calculator for LTC at

gets the following

24 hours 2.14127930 LTC 7.69 USD 3.17 USD 4.52 USD
7 days 14.98895508 LTC 53.81 USD 22.18 USD 31.63 USD
30 days 64.23837891 LTC 230.62 USD 95.04 USD 135.58 USD

The calc for the A4’s are much worse in that on bitcointalk thread they are not working well at all. Thus would
probably with up/downs of boards and issues only get about 100 a month in profit vs above.

Anyway interesting times, but hardly the kinda situation you want to be pouring a lot of equipment …which
at the present time (A4’s) only seem to able to run LTC (less badly) then other alts and multipools…

Lastly IF BTC was to hit $1,000 bucks, at the current LTC ratio that would be
at above 0.00473 would be at the current BTC price of $1000 usd only be $4.73 usd LTC …a big if on
such a BTC price rise on if that ratio would even hold…but there you have it.

As to the A4 big data hall folks they have no choice but to get the data hall out. As to the 2nd
proposed supposed equip/data hall above…not sure what they are thinking (1c elec?) add the A4’s
at 1800 plus shipping (if they would work) and really wondering why anyone would buy the consumer
product at this time indeed.

good points so far. pretty much along my thoughts in terms of hashrate increasing but price decreasing. also decoupling from bitcoin was quite sad as it used to move in tandem. anyway i’m glad i didn’t keep my marriage to ltc for far too long cause i’d have wasted all the profits while keeping all my eggs in one basket… i’ve been playing with other alts up to now while ltc was in coma and that paid out extremely well so far. i’ll be back in at 2.5 perhaps or perhaps not at all unless devs wow me and implement some kick ass features like SW, LN and anon stuff. so long litey, those were the good days.

Searing as anticipated it was a good move to exit at 0.00507… current ratio is at 0.0043 and dropping… and your buddy saved his stash from 1300k ltc loss… i’m still waiting for my 0.0035 entry which should happen as soon as btc explodes above 900…

currently at 0.00440 so nothing to write home about
me without some hype on LTC and such at least at the effort of other coins like zcash and ethereum etc
the devs are TOO MODEST their own downfall they really need a Public Relations person etc bugging
coindesk for articles etc

anyway I currently moved mine back a ways (forget the ratio) think it was 0.00550 or some such
to BTC boy for once in my life was that the right move when BTC pumped…made 2k

now I have 400 LTC I’m looking to move on the lame hope (really want LTC to work) of it creeping up to
0.006 or so…but this may be a dream

the rest of my stah is in BTC now…if LTC is just gonna play follow the leader at hopefully someday
a 0.005 ltc to btc ratio…well it is better to put it in BTC in case complete disillusionment comes in

even with a sucessful implementation of seg wit for litecoin at best I see it at 0.006 ltc to btc

thou this last pump of BTC and mining LTC I went from 1330 usd take home to now 2130 again with
diff drop so I still want LTC to suceed with 3200mh of Titans

but come on already toot your own horn …pull the curtan back in OZ and show the wizard

these blurbs every 3 months we are doing something then silence just gets lost in all the other alt hype
even if the LTC devs are doing amazing things…hire a PR guy would be my advice :))

oh well at least it pumped some from that damn 3.53 LTC which was just killing me with the A4 difficulty
rise of equipment (another issue to make my titans doorstops)

s the LTC price pump at now $4.06 helped and diff drops I assume
when the new year is over and people have time they will come back to volume on LTC and BTC it
is always light xmas season for volume…but still haning in their nice imho

but tout this fact that LTC came along for the ride boys…devs/whales/colbee etc they sure don’t listen to me

end of rant
hope everyone had a good xma

Well look at that btc @1000 happened and ltc still holding ratio. Just wait for the incoming .01 correction to happen :wink:

I think if BTC will have correction then LTC will have correction too and ratio dont move anyway :frowning:

Be patient. Litecoin showtime is coming soon.

Hope you are right. Would be great to see LTCBTC ratio near 0,01 again.
XMR = 0,017; DASH = 0,012. LTC better than them and must cost higher.

Not looking good ratio is like 0.00407 or some such and has dropped since 950 btc …now we are at 1086 usd
to btc ratio of ltc to btc is still dropping from above…speculators are going elsewhere on the trader end and miner pow scrypt are cashing out to btc asap to get the pump…price is also flat since about 950 or not enough to sneeze at

discouraged…wonder what will happen if BTC has a correction to say 900 does that mean the ratio and price
will reflect such …ie 3.20 usd and then like 0.0027 ltc to btc ratio

its fading fast imho…need some PR and action of some kind by devs and those in the know…the coins
reputation and use is in tatters

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Yep searing, your absolutely right!! We need some serious marketing for Litecoin. I did transfer some Litecoin to ethereum, and used nitcoins, and Im glad I did , I made some profits, and bought litecoin to park , and cap it. I left some ethereum, never know might go higher. I missed the boat on Dash tho, and I porcrastinated to long.Oh well, glad I made the Ethreum move. Like I said, we need a Amanda Johnson on our side