Tips to install Litecoin core faster

Hello there chikuns!

I downloaded Litecoin Core for the first time and now it is synchronizinh with the network.
But it seems it is taking forever.
I have got a decent cpu and ram, but I am installing it on a hdd.
Is it the hdd that is making process slower? Or am I missing something?

Thank you beforehand

HDD makes it much slower, SSD is way better for initial download. Once first download is done and you regularly sync, it doesn’t matter much.

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Hey, that’s normal. Litecoin Core is a ‘full node’ wallet, which keeps a fully copy of the Litecoin Network.
TBH if you’re a new user you should be using a light wallet like Electrum-LTC for desktop or Litewallet for mobile. Lightweight wallets are much faster, and sync in a few mins.