Time Lost litecoin?

I had 30 lite coins from 2011. I did not keep up and recently found myself 319 weeks behind, and the message that all was out of sync,.
with zero lite coins showing in the walllet. It is now up to date…but still showing zero litecoins?. Where are they please

you had this 30 LTC in the same wallet that is now 319 weeks behind?

But not behind now

did you move your wallet.dat?

No, it has always been in the same place on my { now old) laptop.as far as i know I tied to back up the wallet yesterday according to other advice but nothing seemed to happen. I had nothing to search with on explorer apart from the current amount of blockchains ( which changes of course). it brought up some info…but not sure what ??. I could download a new wallet I suppose…but not sure if ther is much point if my litecoins are not showing in the old one?. I could probably find details of how many and when I purchased them on Gmail but not sure how that would help me

OK, a search on my laptop for wallet .dat brings up quite a few hits including bitcoins.cpt and init.cpp, butt when I click on them it says:
" this file does not have program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the default programs panel"
Make any sense to you?

you are not suppose to click them.
try something else.
1.download a new litecoin wallet in another pc or laptop
2.try to find on your laptop al the possible wallet dat that you have.
3. after the new wallet is synchronize take one of the wallet dat from your pc and copy it instead of the new wallet dat from the new wallet.whan you do it the wallet should be close.

Ok, I found the cpp file and defaulted to explorer. Probably wrong. I will try your latest advice. Thank you so much. Where do I find the new wallet?

Ok…downloaded a new walet to a faster PC…now 6 years behind again. So I wait until this one has synchronised …yes? Ans do not touch the old wallet on the old PC?

If you want, I may help you remotely, you may not meet for the sync on the new PC since you have your old PC already synced.

Just don’t remove delete any wallet.dat file you have.

Let me know if you need direct help

Thank you so much. Should I wait until I have synced on the newer PC, or should i clear that and let you help on the old PC.?
I will need to transfer onto a newer PC anyway. I assumed I could just copy onto a memory stick and transfer…but not too sure.

That’s the idea, you can copy the block chain from the old PC to the new one, that would be faster.

I can be online this night…

That would be great. Just tell me when and how? On my fully sinced old PC, or new wallet syncing on newer PC?

Sorry, I peplied earlier but the site would not allow me to send it ( too many apparently)

I will send you a PM

ok via facebook or…?

he PC back to a time shortly after I purchased the coins? Would that work?

How about I reset the PC back to a time shortly after I purchased the coins? Would that work?