The space became too annoying, leaving

I think I just had enough. I only follow a selected few people in crypto twitter (exactly 10, but some are inactive now), but in two days I became so fed up with all the Elon crap, that I probably leave twitter for good. I was just interested in LTC and BTC news. I mean real news. Taproot, dual funded lightning channels, mweb. But everything is about the freaking billionaire clown who really doesn’t understand sh!t about BTC. Why I have to read his crap for days? I hope he convinces the dogers to hard fork to POS or some crap… Maybe he also repeats the course of McAfee. :smiley:
I will try to come to this forum a few times a week, maybe I can help someone. But I’m fed up with this crap.
Does anyone have the same feeling?


Yeah. Same


Yep I mean this is why I came to the Litecoin community in the first place. The Bitcoin community just got so jammed with annoying content and speculators that smaller communities like Litecoin were the only places that had healthy discussion and development.

I was reaching out to the larger audience again because I was impressed with some of the new communities being able to moderate or just general focus on dev…but yeah it quickly became a ■■■■ show again.

The discussions are terrible and it is hard to believe anything because so many people are trying to pump or dump. Someone starts telling you about a cool new tech and you get interested and research it only to find out that it’s a pointless dead end and they were just trying to pump some coins they owned.

The new ICOs are very frustrating it’s just gambling addicts and meme coins. Every week I have a new friend of a friend of a friend pitching me to develop some new coin or develop a “fool proof” trading algorithm for them. So tired of it.

Why is no one interested in honest work or development? Everyone is just about scummy scams or get rich quick bullshit. There’s so much interesting stuff going on in crypto tech wise and everyone just only cares about the price and speculation.

I still like to follow the smaller communities like Litecoin but ugh yeah probably taking a break for a bit. It’s too much.


Watch the newest interview by Michael Saylor (youtube) about holding Bitcoin long term.
It won’t let me link it here, but basically he was making the point that you hold long term because cryptos will be the assets that hold value over time.
He tells the story of having wealthy friends in NY and him asking them how they became so wealthy. They replied “their great grandfather bought 4 city streets in Manhattan and never sold them-the real estate is still in the family”. If you need $ borrow against your cryptos-don’t sell (capital gains) and keep them for your children/grandchildren.

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And into Egypt came Pharaoh who did not know.

little-rocket-man… :joy:

Funnily enough Saylor is also annoying for me. As far as I can tell, he says nothing I did not know a couple of years ago. He is just another billionaire. I won’t care about him more just because he has lots of money to buy Bitcoin. He is not a saviour. He is a nobody compared to the network. BTC was fine without him and would be fine without him.

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I joined Twitter to keep my finger on the pulse, but I’ve been finding it an increasingly toxic space as well; too much mindless tribalism, not enough actual discussion. I’d say just take a break for a couple days.

So how do I educate myself about crypto currency? I got into it to make some extra money but it would be good to know how it actually works. I’ve seen one video by 3blue1brown about how crypto currency works but I would like to know more.
And yeah, even to someone who doesn’t know much about crypto, Elon’s statements seem idiotic and phrased just to grab public attention.

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Andreas Antonopoulos is a very good start, in my opinion, to learn about why Bitcoin is important. He has a huge amount of videos on YouTube.
Once you understand Bitcoin, you can study the differences what Litecoin is introducing.