⚡ The OFFICIAL NFT Anniversary Collection⚡

:zap:The OFFICIAL NFT Anniversary Collection​:zap:

10 global artists | 10 art pieces | 10 day auction

10 years of Litecoin!

Litecoin’s 10th Anniversary NFT Collection is now live on Opensea: opensea.io/collection/litecoin-10year

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Synced Litecoin Foundation sponsored “Omnilite” rather Litecoin Omni (64-bit) - latest release from github and was intrigued. Very fast to load all the Litecoin blocks and it is as those the assets which are formally “Properties” that are each given a simple number for their “Property Id” would be a great place for Litecoin to put its own NFT. On its own Omni Layer which runs on the Litecoin Network, not necessarily on chain or in blocks, but able to quickly be spun up and transferred over the network between peers and if I understand correctly, only registered ownership is on the Litecoin blockchain as well as transfers of such because it needs timestamping and blocks to be secure and undisputably owned by a Litecoin address (the equivalent of an account that owns an NFT)… Are these things going to happen soon natively instead of on EVM Account based technology and on UTXO, evolved layered technology? Thanks for sharing.