The Litecoin Foundation launches ‘OmniLite’ a decentralized token creation platform

The Litecoin Foundation is proud to announce the release of OmniLite! A decentralized platform to create tokens or assets then transact via the Litecoin blockchain.

OmniLite is a an open-source platform that facilitates the creation of decentralized tokens and smart contracts along with crypto-assets such as tokens and NFT’s. OmniLite, being a layered protocol built on top of Litecoin’s blockchain, takes advantage of its reputable network security and low fees. The tokens created via OmniLite can be considered to be an extension of Litecoin and as a result, the transactions from these tokens are recorded on its blockchain. Consequentially, all digital assets created via OmniLite benefit from the network advantages Litecoin has to offer.

This groundbreaking innovation is thanks in part to Litecoin Developer Loshan1212. Read about the next stage in the evolution of #Litecoin here: ‘OmniLite’ Launches for the Litecoin Network | Litecoin Foundation


Many thanks @losh11 !

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I admit, I didn’t do my research yet (I promise, I will do later), but doesn’t this have the possibility to clog up the network if it becomes popular? This will compete with common payments for block space, no?

This is huge, LTC to the mooon!

So is there going to be a wallet integration in order to use OmniLite? (kind of like how Metamask works with ETH and Sollet works with Solana)

The barrier to entry for retail would be way easier if it was instead of downloading an application

Waooo this is impressive