The future of litecoin

Hi guys! For a long time I periodically come across articles that litecoin has no future. Many people believe only in Bitcoin and Ethereum, but many bypass litecoin. What do you think is the future of litecoin? What should we expect?

If there are changes in the price of bitcoin, then there will be changes in the price and other currencies. If bitcoin grows, then those people who invest in litecoin will also make a profit. Therefore, there is no difference in this.

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Check out the MimbleWimble progress thread; that’s the next big change to Litecoin, adding private transactions in extension blocks. Of course, BTC might follow suit, but that’s not a bad thing. Mimblewimble Progress Update Thread

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That sounds inspiring
Thank you!

Over the past 30 days, the minimum price was $56.48 when the previous months were $40.34 see here. I think the price of Leticoin will grow in the near future.

No doubt, Litecoin has a future. Do we see any steady signs of its decline? I don’t see anything like this. I’m not saying that Litecon will live forever or if its price will skyrocket, but I have no doubts that the coin will keep its place among other successful cryptocurrencies for some time.

The Litecoin , I think, it was designed for digital transactions and to be more market friendly than bitcoin. Therefore its future is to be the global market coin and all of our economical transactions should be based on it.