The answer to the big tech problem is decentralization

The days of undemocratic internet restrictions, censorship and blocks that curtail free speech are long gone thanks to decentralized platforms such as StorX. On StorX, data is split into encrypted fragments and stored across various host nodes on a worldwide network of storage providers. This ensures that no organization has control over the data and rest assured you will have full security and privacy of your data since it is a 100% trustless system.

I am for one, really excited about decentralized social-media platforms. Are you?


Iā€™m very much in favor of decentralized platforms, overall. I would also be in favor, so far as exchanges go, for P2P, which is generally much simpler than a DEX, and there are more options for exchanging.

This is part, to my understanding, of the reasoning behind Steem, as a decentralization, independent of any central censorship.

I think more and more big tech and centralized forces will push for it, and more and more decentralized alt-tech will push back, and those who want the freedom, will take advantage of it.