Tell me if LTC has gone at all and where!

Sent from Binance with LTC wallet, but mixed up the recipient’s address and sent it to the BTC wallet (3P4b4nkFY … NtyZ1).
Transaction hash - 9a17965ee24a97b3c7c6748a22b8b828035eae72dc08150d999d338830f62308
Have LTC gone at all, I just don’t understand them, tell me.
Where did LTC go for transactions (sent to the BTC address which is higher)
If you look at the Transaction hash, it shows that LTC went to the wrong wallet at all, or is it not like on cue ball ?!

It doesn’t matter that you sent FROM Binance. What is important that to whom does the BTC address belong to? Is it from your hardware wallet?

no wallet not hardware BTC

Where did you get this BTC address from?
This is the information that is the most important now.

On Litecoin network this is equivalent to:

You can check this here:
by copying the MVG… address there and convert.