Technical problem with L3+


The first time I started my L3+ (a week ago) the system was displaying 4 ASIC boards (504 MH), then I switched off.

The second time I started the L3+ only 3 ASIC boards (380 MH) appeared in the system window.

Did you experience the same ? Any idea of what is wrong ?

The boards are all correctly powered (red LED) it seems to me that the problem might be with the controller part… I swapped card cables, still only 3 boards, same numbering “2,3 and 4” alive.

Thank you in advance for any clue

So when you swapped cables you found that one port on the controller is not responding, or one particular board isn’t working?

I’d say check each board in every slot and see if there is a specific combination (board or controller porrt or cable) to isolate this down.

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Alright here is the second part of my story…

Shortly after I put my above post, Hash Board 2 went dead (but visible), 4 hours later, Dash Board 3 went half dead (and visible), one day later Board 4 kicked the bucket as well…

NB : to answer your question, when Board 1 disappeared (but the rest used to work ok) I switched it to controller port 4 and it was still not visible. But when I switched controller port 1 to my working board 4 it also ceased to report… I think both the boards and the controller were suspicious so I decided to send the whole device back, which costed me 270 euros with DHL express… : (

The good news is : my L3+ was not annoyed by the HongKong customs and it was repaired within days… I am expecting to get it back in 48 hours… I hope the EU customs wont screw me (they didnt register the serial number of the device when they charged me through DHL the first time… and they never responded to my email warning them about this issue).

So I am a little paranoiac now… should I plugg this thing again and observe it dying within day or should I sell it straight away and buy 250 onces of physical silver with the money… I think the answer is in the question…

Last good news, Bitmain issued me a coupo of 300 dollars corresponding to the shipping fees I had to pay…

Gotta say Bitmain’s support is impressive. Glad you got your unit fixed!