Tank (BTC) vs Humvee (LTC)

If BTC is Tank, LTC is Humvee. one has extreme security and slow, the other has less security but faster to move around. They both useful on it’s own way. They both can get you to safety in “war zone”

One day I was listening to Andrea Antonopoulus talk about how people ignore BTC in the early day. No one think it will succeed, price was dirt cheap. If you tell people BTC will worth $1000 one day, you will be laugh out of the room, let alone 40k. It make sense because it wasn’t obvious BTC will succeed, and the price reflected it. If it was obvious, everyone will sell everything including their dog to buy BTC and the price will soar.

Now, it wasn’t obvious that LTC will succeed, so many new shiny coins out there claim to do great things and no one pay attention to solid fundamental coin like LTC. Sure they don’t because it wasn’t obvious for most of the people who chase the next big thing like every other cycle before this. Once the dust settle, only strong fundamental coins stay. And it become more obvious.

when you laugh at LTC to 5k then yes, it is still early to get in. Humvee will protect your $$ and safety, slowly but surely.

Please don’t wait until so OBVIOUS because the sick gain will disappear when LTC become one. And I truly believe it will. And please don’t get caught with bicycle in “war zone”

Your thoughts?