Sweeping Paper Wallet

Hello folks,

Please forgive me for my ignorance. I am new at this.

I am trying to sweep my paper litecoin wallet into a software wallet so I can transfer to exchange to sell. The paper wallet I created at liteaddress.org says I can sweep to blockchain.info, but that site seems to be for bitcoin only. I may be confused, but blockchain.info also seems to only support importing as opposed to sweeping. Additionally, all the online videos about sweeping a paper wallet to blockchain.info seem to reference the old platform as opposed to the new one.

Can anyone point me to a good video or article, or explain it to me here? Your help is much appreciated.

pretty sure you can sweep private keys on electrum…but in core you can open console under debug window in help and type importprivkey (followed by private key) then import address (followed by address) and then restart from command prompt using -reindex -rescan flags only after you have imported your keys