Surprise! I forgot my encryption key for my LTC wallets

Surprise - yesterday, I realized that I encrypted my LTC wallet 4 years ago when I began mining. Doing nothing but absorbing coins or holding on to them, including when I sold other currencies for LTC recently, I was never prompted for my wallet password. I must have tried to encrypt it solid, none of my expected passwords work. I have been trying to brute force it, with obviously no success.

What I do have is incremental backups from hopefully before I encrypted the wallet. Any ideas? I know this is likely a hot topic, but it is truly devastating if it has ever happened to you.

u can find some pros to help u recover back ur passphrase.

You can try and see if one of the older backups is not encrypted,


Try Wallet recovery service…they are looking for my Litecoin Password. Charge 20%…but worth it if they find the password.If not, pay nothing

hope they find your password… remember me when they do. :wink:

Just to come full circle and close this out, thankfully I was able to secure a backup pre-encryption, replaced the wallet.dat and voila! I had an unencrypted wallet and was able to transfer my coins. Thankful for crashplan, just sad to see it go next year.