Subsequent transaction limits

Hello guys,

After trying to search the internet and chat with ChatGPT I wanted to try my luck here.

So basically we are building some simple API for payments which support single and mass payouts, and system was working pretty well, till one client came with big requirements in subsequent single payments. We are experiencing too many unconfirmed ancestors errors, then if we try to broadcast to other nodes it says that those un-spents are not confirmed and available there, basically we have tried many ways to get over this problem with retry logic, queues, etc, but still there are limits, even though we have used above average fees they get unprocessed, but as I have noticed on BlockCypher this usually happens when transaction is low in % of trust.

I’m pretty sure that some of you have experienced same problems, so can someone give me any hints what could be potential solution? I guess rotating wallets for merchant would be ok, but then we would internally need to transfer funds to other wallets and manage balances, etc. I want to know if this is doable from one address.

Any hints would be very appreciated!