Stuff to do home with crypto on covid19


Very interesting article. Thank you for sharing. I think it will help me. TBH, I’m desperate, because I’ve lost my job. Oh, this damn quarantine! I hate it!

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Same ■■■■, bro. TBH, I don’t know what I will do if something doesn’t change soon. Right now I have my last $200 or something like that. Yes, the government helps, but it still is not enough, because I have a wife and two kids. That’s why I’m here - looking where to earn some money. BTW, one of my friends told me that right now is the best moment to play poker online. He has been stuck at home because of coronavirus, just like me. Not so long ago, he found an article about gambling and now he’s a professional poker player. I don’t know if it will work for me, but if there will be nothing else to do, I will try it too.

Only thing I can think of is ‘long-term’ …short term this won’t help anyone…but what I’ve called ‘attic mining’ …stuff in your attic you should dump/sell/give away or whatever in your attic because you will never use the stuff likely. Also, if no attic then ‘estate sales’ and ‘auctions’ always pick up in a down economy. Sell the above on eBay and buy LTC/Crypto/BTC or whatever and "hope’ as a long term plan that say BTC and the related crypto like LTC does in 2024 pump to 100k or so. So if you are organized enough…that is what you could do. Myself, I’ve had 5k worth of crap in my attic I ‘still’ have not sold on eBay which is annoying in that in 2013 when I got into BTC (before LTC?) the BTC price was $150 a coin! Anyway, if I am wrong, you get a clean attic and a rec room out of the whole deal and increase your home value…if I am right you also get that…and a speculative ‘bet’ on your junk out the door. If nothing else, something to do and give you some hope if you have time in this Pandemic. Anyway, don’t be me actually do this…all hope is lost at my end…I have not ‘discipline’ to actually do what I say. :frowning:

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Thanks for reading and good comments! Hope you enjoyed it

Thank you for sharing the article, I’m reading and it looks very interesting. I already have a part-time job while I’m waiting for the quarantine to be over, but I’m sure this will help me a little more with the money shortage.

I got curious about the movies but the entire article is really nice. It’s helpfull for those people who don’t know what to do in their homes since they have always been working all day and just go home to sleep and eat. Also for those ones who likes to travel and can’t.

Great post!