Stop Freewallet scammers! Submit an abuse to

Freewallet scammers are still deceiving users.

We are fighting against them by all legal means and have already initiated one major investigation. There are a few more in line. But while the police will identify and bring to justice the culprit, scammers can rob hundreds of clients. We ask you to spend 15-20 minutes to stop scammers:

  1. Visit https:// abuse. cloudflare. com/ general
  2. Fill out all fields of the form. In particular, in the Logs or other evidence of abuse section, indicate that the Freewallet org website is deceiving the client. Under the guise of a crypto wallet, this application gains access to users’ digital (cryptocurrency) assets. Further, under the pretext of verification, the administration of the service groundlessly blocks accounts and deprives victims of the opportunity to withdraw assets. As confirmation, you can provide links to complaints from other customers, including those posted on our website https:// freewalletreviews. org
  3. Click on the Submit button.
  4. Please duplicate your complaint by sending it to abuse @ cloudflare[dot] com

All these actions will not take much time, but if every victim sends a complaint, the scammers’ site will be blocked and this will at least protect other users!

Freewallet Victims, Take Action! Lost crypto due to Freewallet’s KYC fraud? File a complaint with the BBB and demand Apple block Freewallet apps. Follow the instructions at: https:// www.bbb[p]org/file-a-complaint. Notify us at freewallet-report@tutanota[p]com.