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does somebody know if the “LitecoinLocalnet” website still maintained? (as I’m a new user I can’t insert the link here)
I mean to have read that it once was a trustworthy service, but looks very weird now. There are offers for 4 USD/LTC and the last trade was “4 months ago”.

As the site looks today it doesn’t seem very trustworthy.
It would be nice to have a site to directly “onramp” and “offramp” litecoin to fiat without using a CEX, as I think that no other P2P exchange is currently offering that.


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I wasn’t even aware that such a website existed. It’s probably dead from inactivity, since people might just get Litecoin from other venues.

Thanks for your answer. I thought it could have had something to do with the forum as there is a direct link to Litecointalk in the navigation bar.
Perhaps a service from an old forum member. Or a trick to get people to think the site is associated with it?
However, I found some old threads about it here in the forum and it seems it had worked for some time. I’m tempted to simply try to use it with a very small amount, but I would like first some feedback from the creators/maintainers.

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That is how fraudster set up sites, unfortunately so.
Don’t guess better is to check, its your money.

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