Starting own Mining Company - Anybody interested in joining?


Currently i’m in the middle at starting my own mining company.

How many machines do i currently own?
Currently have around 5 bitmain antminer L3+ machines.

I’m seeking for partners who would like to join the company,
by joining you’ll send us bitmain antminer L3+ so we then can
host them up in our server centre which is located in Nuneaton, United Kingdom.

if you would like more details please add me on discord: Joseph Robinson#8262

sounds like a scam


Actually, it would work …IF…the people involved picked the miners to go to someone else instead on the forum they collectively could trust…but even if that was possible…it is unlikely that kind of control would be flipped. If you trust one way…it has to work in the reverse and you trust me…or its a scam indeed.

But then again, even if flipped around and not a scam that is still not to say it would be ‘foolish’ :slight_smile:


p.s. feel free to contact me to send me your FIVE L3+'s so we can proceed with this! :slight_smile: (lol not a chance in hell)


difference is I would trust you more, Brad.

That is the ‘reverse’ trust part…if we can trust him …he should be able to send me 6 L3+ miners…sad part is I probably could get something like this to work …at least till the chip crisis is over and more scrypt miners get made…but L3+'s days are numbered …a bit of a reprieve due to chip shortage IMHO.


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